Heartland - CoAction is missing credit card past payments

If you are not seeing patients credit card info when you setting up a care plan with recurring payments or 

if you do not see past credit cards when posting a payment see below:

1) Have past payments ever been used before? - support needs to test a penny post, see what is happening 

  • If past payment is not working (and never did)- support to call pax dept ask pax dept if tokenization is on, if not, ask them to turn on tokenization for the acct
  • If past payment were working before- see below

2) Did you already have the patient SWIPE or CHIP the credit card to save it ? Manually entering credit card info will not save it

3) If you have received a CoAction update that shows "request a token" - if so, you must request a token then have patient swipe or chip credit card. That will save the cards info. 

4) Have you recently moved from Forte? All past payments from Forte will not move to Heartland - you need to (request token if you have that option)and have patients re-swipe the credit card

5) If you are still missing past payment method with Heartland please contact support

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