How to Rebill a HCFA and Indicate it is a Corrected Claim


Please follow these instructions to indicate a claim has been Corrected


First Step: Indicating the claim is a corrected claim

Go to Admin

Go to Payers

Select Payer and Hit Edit Button

Go to Printing Options tab

Go down to box 22 and click on the  box

*Uncheck the box " No Override"
*make sure 7 (Replacement of prior claim) is selected under Text dropdown
* Override Current Text from Where to put text dropdown 

*Save and Save Printing options screen also

Second Step: Adding Reference number for Corrected claim

(If you do not need to add in a reference number, proceed to step 3)


Go to Patients Rolodex

Select the patient - Open

Select Case Tab

Select Edit

Place the Original reference number into box 22 and Save

Step 3: Rebilling the Claim

Go to Patients file, Ledger Tab

Charges Tab

Rebill button

Select payer level for Rebill, Next

Select Charges that need to be rebilled, Next

(You can select multiple dates by clicking on first charge and dragging it down to last charge and let go or hold down the CTRL button while selecting dates)

Your claim will appear, check View box and select View Claims button to see info added to claim

7 and Original Reference Number will appear on HCFA. Once confirmed X out of screen

Uncheck View Box and select Next to generate Claim

Step 4: Removing number 7 indicator so, HCFA generates normal again.

*Go to patients file, Case tab, Edit, Delete Reference number and Save.

*Go to Admin, Payers, Select Payer, Edit, Printing options tab, Go to box 22, Click on R box, Check box that states "No Override" Save and Save Printing Options also.

*Save HCFA 


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