Adding a Secondary to an Existing Insurance policy


Adding a Secondary to an Existing Insurance Policy


* Please note, when following the instructions below, the system WILL NOT allow you to select the same start date as the Primary Policy. If you need both the Primary and Secondary to start at the same time, you will need to Delete the current policy add the Primary and Secondary at the same time


As long as the Secondary start date can begin at least one day AFTER the primary insurance, then you can use these instructions below:


1. Go to Patients file, Insurance Tab and Select the Edit Button


2. Select Edit Policy


3. Select Primary Policy and Click Next 


4. Change 11d from No to YES and Select Next


5. Select Create New Policy, Next



6. Select New Secondary, Click on Next


7. Select Policy Holder ( Self, Another patient, Company or Non Patient), Next

8. Select Insurance payer, Click on Next

9. Add in all secondary info (including all secondary info under the Primary tab of the box 9s area), Click on Next 

* Please note Secondary info is placed on Primary tab of box 9s area. The reason for this is it needs to print on Primary HCFA so, the primary knows who to forward claim to. 


 10.Select Finished, Click on Next

11. Select Start date (Make sure it goes back far enough to cover ALL dates of service that the secondary covers), Click on Next


12. Select Ok on pop up window

13. Select Finished and you are all done!!

* Please note: To see changes made to insurance tab, please X out of patient file and open again to reflect changes. 

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