1.17a How to Attach a Facility/Outside Lab and Charges to a Patient Appointment

* You will first need to Add the Facility in Administration > Facility button. 

 Here is a link to show you how to add a facility   

Once that is done follow instructions below:

  • Open patient appointment that needs the Facility info
  • Go to patient visit screen > Open the Edit Charges panel
  • On the bottom you will see Box #20 - Outside Lab Charges – select Yes & enter the charge for that facility
  • In Box #32 select the Facility that was added in Admin
  • If you have entered Yes in Box 20 & the Facility name in Box 32 then it will show up on HCFA for that patient, that appt


  • This is where it will show on the HCFA
  • The Facility info will replace the clinic name/address



  • If you need to remove the facility info from the patient appointment – go back to Edit Charges panel and in Box 20 change to NO


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