How to Add New Provider to Existing Clinic

How to Add New Provider to Existing Clinic



1. Contact VL Support to provide name and email for New Provider so, training can be sent.



2. Add Provider as User (so they can log into CoAction)

Back to Admin




Select Add


Enter all info and Save


While new user is selected, click privileges tab


Lastly, Double click the boxes for privileges the user should have


3. Add Billing Entity for Provider

(This is where NPI's, Tax Id's, etc. are entered for billing purposes)

Back to Admin


Billing Entity


Add New Billing Entity for New provider and Save. Click HERE to see Training video if extra instruction is needed. 



4. Add Provider Info 

Back to Admin




Select ADD 

You can access Training Video on Adding a provider HERE

* Every time you select SAVE on a tab, the system will close the provider window. To edit additional Tabs, you will want to select provider and hit EDIT to open back up


Enter All necessary info and Select Billing Entity created for new provider in drop-down and Save


- Go to Schedule tab and fill out the providers Working Schedule. Select Here to see full instructions


- You can set up the Calendar Sync Feature for the provider 

Server/Azure Clinic

Amazon Cloud Clinic


You can upload the providers Signature under the Signature Tab

- Have provider Sign a white sheet of paper

-Scan and save onto the computer

- Open signature in Window paint

-Crop image to the size of signature only and Save

-Select option to "Import image file"

-Select Import Image button

-Select Image from saved file location



Finally, In the SOAP Copying Tab, You will Select what SOAP notes you would like to Copy from Visit To Visit. If none, Leave boxes unchecked. 



5. Add CPT buttons to your New Provider

Back to Admin


CPT Codes 


Select Copy Button Structure


Select Who HAS the buttons on the Left and who the buttons are going TO on the Right and SAVE



6. Add ICD buttons to your New Provider 

Back to Admin


ICD Codes Button


Copy Button Structure


Select Who HAS the buttons on the Left and who the buttons are going TO on the Right and SAVE


7. Copy the providers Macro template to the NEW Provider.


To copy a MACRO template from one user to another in CoAction follow these steps:


Step 1) While logged in to CoAction, with a user that has the correct Soap Notes, click on the GREEN CIRCLE in the bottom left of the Macro screen



Step 2) Then select "Export Template to File" and Save the template to your desktop

Step 3) Once the template is saved, you will need to log out of that Username in CoAction and log back in to CoAction, under the Username that you want to upload the template to.


Step 4) Open any completed visit and again, click the GREEN CIRCLE in the bottom left of the MACRO screen (same as Step 1)


Step 5) this time, select "Import Template from File". Select the template from its saved location on your desktop and select Open.

You will need to follow these steps for all users that you would like to have that same MACRO template.


Adding to the Schedule

If a column needs to be created within the appt book for your new provider:

Go to the Appointment Book, Select the Edit button on the left and make sure all providers that need a column are presented within the box on the Right side in the order you would like them displayed and Save.

You are All Set!!



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