Care Plans- Starting with a Template and Making Changes

How to Create a Care Plan with a Template and Making Changes


When you are starting with a Care Plan Template, you will see that ALL sections will be filled in except the plan name. This allows you to keep what you like and only change what is needed. 


 1) Go to the Patients file

2) Select Care Plan Tab

  3) Select ADD Care Plan 



4) Select Create New Care Plan Button and Select Next


5) Select Start With Template

6) Grab a Template from the Drop Down menu and Select Next


7) Enter your new Plan Name that explains this Care Plan, be as detailed as needed

8) Make any other necessary changes 

9) Select Next Button when finished 


10) The original Plan Amount and Payment Option from the Plan Template will display. You can make any changes necessary and Select Next.

(In my template, I changed from Down payment plus payments to Pay in full)


11) Plan dates, payment dates screen - You will enter the Start Date for the Care Plan. If you need to Start payment date and when monthly payments will be due, add as needed

(You can backdate this as far back as needed)


12) On the Discount Application Options screen: your selection from the Template will display, you can change this option here OR If you do not want to change the option, simply hit Next


13) The Visit Pool screen - the data from the selected Care Plan Template will automatically display. Here is where you can change CPT codes that will count as a visit for this patient:   

  • If you DO NOT want to change the Visit amount or the CPT codes that Count as a visit, simply hit Next. 
  • If you WOULD like to change the CPTs responsible for counting as a Visit in the Care Plan, You can remove the original codes by selecting the Red X to the Right of the CPT code and then Drag and Drop the New Code to the window.

14) Check the Price List to ensure it is correct or select from drop down


15) What to do when Visits are used before plan is completed screen - your selection from the Template will display, change as needed, If you do not want to change the option, simply hit Next


16) Additional CPT codes included in plan (NOT  counted as VISIT) - The CPT codes selected from your Care Plan Template will show:

  • If you do not want to make any changes, simply select Finished
  • If you want to Remove a CPT code that is included in the Care plan, select the red X to the right of the CPT code. 
  • To Add CPT code - drag and drop new CPT codes to window. These codes are Included in the Care Plan and DO NOT count against the Care Plan as a Visit.



17) Once you are finished making changes, Select Finished

(In this example, The X-rays were removed and 2 Re-Exams were added)


18) If you are satisfied with the changes made, Confirm you are finished by selecting Finish Button


19) Once you are finished, part of your Care Plan info will display


20) If you would like to see all information, Please X out of the Patients file and Reopen patient file - care plan


21) To Print or Export a copy of the Care Plan for the Patient, select the Print Button


- A window will pop up containing:

  • Patients Name
  • Care Plan Description
  • When the Plan Starts and Stops
  • Number of Visits Included
  • Financial Obligations
  • Treatment codes offered in the Plan
  • Anything Extra
  • Payment Schedule 

 - You can Print this Information for the patient or use one of the 3 export options:  X=Excel, A=Adobe or W= Word


22) Under the Ledger Sub-Tab, you will see:

  • The running Ledger for the Care Plan only. This excludes any other charges the patient may have in their file
  • The Scheduled Payments for the Care Plan
  • You can select the Print Ledger button to Print the ledger if needed
  • Select the Edit Payments button if you need to change the payment dates


  • The payment dates will appear and any payment date that is in the future will have a drop-down so you may change the payment date.
    Once you have made your changes, Select Save and Close

(In this example, it was selected to pay in full so, there are no payments to alter)



Quick Tips

3 things you will see in the Patient File>>Ledger>>Charges Tab

when using Care Plans





Care Plan Downpayment:

  • Any Money Due on the Care plan will appear as a Care Plan Downpayment, in Black.
  • You will not see CPT codes changing the Patient Balance.
  • Only the care plan payments that becomes due, will change the balance.
  • As Payments become due, they will alter the patients balance so the office staff can collect payment from Patient.
  • If you are using Auto-debits, (Forte or Heartland Merchant services) The payment will charge their credit card on the payment date.

Care Plan Charges in Blue:

  • Any and ALL charges added in the patients appointments, that are to be Covered by the Care Plan, will display Blue. 

Charges in Black:

  • Any Charges that appear in Black, (such as 97012 in this example) Indicate a service was performed that was not covered by the care plan.
  • The patient will be responsible to pay ANY charges in black as they are outside the agreed Plan.



***Please Note: You CANNOT Add CPT codes to an existing care plan. If you want to include more CPT codes, you have 2 options:

  • You can delete the current Care Plan and redo the entire care plan and include all cpt codes and back date the start date to the first appointment
  • Or, you can keep the current care plan as is and write off the extra cpt. Adding in the reason for write off (ie: cpt included in care plan)



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