Care Plan- Using Care Plan Template with Minor Changes Only

How to Apply a Care Plan Template to a patient when you are making only date changes to the Template

**You will ONLY be able to make these Minor changes to this template: care plan start date, down payment due date, when patient can start payments and what day of the month the plan payment is due

** You CANNOT Change: CPT codes in visit pool or additional codes, plan name, # visits, plan length, plan amount, down payment amount, when to apply discount or adding extra visits. 


1) Go to the Patients file

    2) Select the Care Plan Tab

3) Select ADD Care Plan


4) Select Use Existing Plan Template (Template Settings Cannot be Edited)

  • Using the down arrow, find the template that you want to use for This Patient

5) Select Next Button


6) Your Care Plan summary will display. Showing you the number of visits allowed, Plan Length, Plan amount, the financial obligation to the plan (payments, Down payments + Payments or Payment in full)

The sections you CAN change are: 

  • Care Plan Start Date - Here you can backdate the start date if needed and the End date will auto populate
  • When a Down Payment is due - If you selected this Option - you will have the ability to select a date the down payment is due. If you did not select this option - this will not show up 
  • When the Care Plan Payments Start
  • What day of the Month the Plan Payment is Due 

7) Once you are done filling in the dates, select Next


8) If you are happy with your Selections, press Next then Finished Button


Once you are finished, part of your Care Plan info will display


9) If you would like to see all information, Please X out of the Patients file and Reopen patient - care plan tab


10) To Print or Export a copy of the Care Plan for the Patient, select the Print Button


- A window will pop up with the following info (see image below of sample):

  • Patients Name
  • Care Plan Description
  • When the Plan Starts and Stops
  • Number of Visits Included
  • Financial Obligations
  • Treatment codes offered in the Plan
  • Anything Extra 
  • Payment Schedule 

- You can Print this Information for the patient or use one of the 3 export options.     X=Excel, A=Adobe, W= Word 


11) Under the Ledger Tab, you will see 2 sections:

  • On top - the running Ledger is ONLY for the Care Plan amounts. This excludes any other charges the patient may have in their file.
  • On the bottom section - you will see the Scheduled Payments for the Care Plan.
  • You can select the Print Ledger button to Print the ledger if needed 
  • Use the Edit Payments button if you need to change the payment dates (see 2nd image below)
    - The Payment Dates will appear and any payment date that is in the future will have a drop-down so you may change the payment date
    - Once you have made your changes, Select Save and Close




Quick Tips

3 things you will see in the

Patient File>>Ledger>>Charges Tab 

when using Care Plans



Care Plan Downpayment:

  • Any Money Due on the Care plan will appear as a Care Plan Downpayment, in Black.
  • You will not see CPT codes changing the Patient Balance.
  • Only the care plan payments that becomes due, will change the balance.
  • As Payments become due, they will alter the patients balance so the office staff can collect payment from Patient.
  • If you are using Auto-debits, (Forte or Heartland Merchant services), the payment will charge their credit card on the payment date that was selected in the care plan.

Care Plan Charges in Blue:

  • Any and ALL charges added in the patients appointments, that are to be Covered by the Care Plan, will display Blue. 

Charges in Black:

  • Any Charges that appear in Black, (such as 97012 in this example) indicate a service was performed that was not covered by the care plan.
  • The patient will be responsible to pay ANY charges in black as they are outside the agreed Plan.

***Please Note: You CANNOT Add CPT codes to an existing care plan. If you want to include more CPT codes, you have 2 options:

  • You can delete the current Care Plan and redo the entire care plan and include all cpt codes and back date the start date to the first appointment. If you do this, we suggest taking snapshots of how your care plan is set up so you can redo it.
  • Or, you can keep the current care plan as is and write off the extra cpt. Adding in the reason for write off (ie: cpt included in care plan) 



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