Heartland Pax was purchased, what are next steps...

  Once you have been approved by Heartland and have received your          PAX s300 device, here are your next steps:

  1. If Heartland has not called you yet, call Heartland PAX dept 1-888-909-8498 or 1-866-399-3035 (OR SPTEMV@E-HPS.COMHeartland will assist you in connecting the PAX device and cable accessories and turn on tokenization.  
  2. Once that is done, clinic can place a ticket into VitaLogics - to turn on the Heartland Integration and to set up a time for support or our programmer to set up port forwarding.       Please include the following:
  • Do you have a DHCP or Static IP address
  • Do you currently use Forte credit card merchant? let support know and see notice below
  • If you use other credit card merchant, please ensure all payments are up to date in VitaLogics once we turn on Heartland you can only add credit with Heartland device

      3. *CLOUD CLIENTS: To set up port forwarding you will need to know your Router username & password. You can either find it on a tag on the router or contact your internet provider. (this is NOT your WIFI username/password) 

      4. *SERVER CLIENTS: Support will walk you through getting the PAX IP# as we will need to enter that at set up.

      5. Once VitaLogics completes our set up we will walk you through posting a penny payment with a credit card (you will need to have one available) to test that everything works.

 * Note - CLOUD CLIENTS: Normally, VitaLogics does the port forwarding if you are able to get the router username/password. IF your router company does the port forwarding (like Charter), we can provide you with the port forwarding # which is 10009 and we will walk you through getting the PAX IP# from your device and your router company will also need that. You would also tell the router company "the pax device needs a static IP address on the INTERNAL network. They don't need a static WAN IP address."

**Important info for current FORTE users (Forte that is integrated with VitaLogics)

  • If you are currently using Forte that was integrated with VitaLogics you will need to ensure ALL charges that need to be posted using Forte are completed before we turn OFF Forte.
  • Also, all credit card info that was saved in Forte will no longer display once Forte is turned Off. Once you install Heartland, you will need to have your patients re-swipe to save credit card info and re-connect any care plans on auto debit to the Heartland saved credit card. 
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