IPAD- Installing Citrix/VitaLogics on Azure Cloud

Azure Cloud Customers - To Access VitaLogics using an IPAD

1) From your IPAD - go to the APP STORE and search for Citrix Receiver for IPAD


2) Click on GET then INSTALL or a download symbol 


3) You may need to enter your Itunes credentials

4) When download is complete - Click OPEN - You will see this screen – click on Add Account (will only need to Add acct once)


5) In Address line enter This URL given to you by support  

Click Next


6) Log On to Citrix Receiver screen you will enter:

  • User name: coactionsoftclo\(citrix user license sent to you by support)
  • Password:  (citrix password sent to you by support)
  • click Log On


*Please Note: using citrix app will not allow saving username/password

7) You will then see this screen with VitaLogics & self-check in icons 

8) Click on VitaLogics icon


9) You will see the VitaLogics log in screen - log in using your VITALOGICS username/password that you created

10) To Log OFF VitaLogics - do quick log off from VitaLogics Main Menu then click Cancel on the Logon screen & click the IPAD HOME screen. You will still be logged on to the acct until 

11) To Log Off the Citrix Acct - You can either Turn Off IPad

or from the Store screen (VitaLogics icon) - go to top right corner next to the settings icon, looks like a little person - tap on that and you will find the LOG OFF

 - you can decide which you want to do

Either way IPAD Does Not store username/password info so you will have to re-enter


FOR Future Logins: On Ipad just click on the Citrix receiver app on your ipad and you will see this screen - when it opens click on the VitaLogics Icon


 If you have logged off the Acct using the icon on top right of IPAD or closed the IPAD power

   - you will need to log back in using the:

username: coactionsoftclo\(enter your citrix user license)

Password: (enter your citrix password)

Log on

   - you will see the VitaLogics login screen, enter your VitaLogics login





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