Amazon Cloud - Install Citrix Workspace app on Windows Pc's

*Google Chrome seems to work best for accessing Cloud

*You will need a separate cloud Citrix license username & password for each computer


Here are the steps to install the Cloud Citrix Workspace:

1) Go to the appropriate url based on YOUR TIME ZONE: (Given to you by CoAction Support)

Here is an EXAMPLE:   

2) Click on the Green Install button. This will take you to the Citrix download page


3) Click on downloads then select a Product – select Citrix Workspace app




4) Citrix will find the appropriate Citrix Workspace app for your computer (Windows)

      - click on the LATEST version for Windows then click on the Download Workspace app for……


These instructions are for windows based devices but, if you are installing on a Mac, Make sure to select the LATEST version for Mac and follow the download instructions for a mac PC and install.






5) Go to your download location, open and follow all of the prompts. Make sure to accept the License Agreement






6) Once you see installed successfully - Click on FINISH

(You do not need to add acct)

7) You will need to go back to the ORIGINAL Citrix XenApp Logon Tab (where you started)

- Click on Continue

8) You will then see the Citrix Logon Screen

  • You will need to enter your CITRIX username & password which was sent to you in an email from CoAction Support. A license that will ONLY be used by this Self Check In.
  • The Domain is: coactioncloud1



9) You will next see the 2 icons - you will click on the CoAction Icon

10) The first time you click on CoAction Icon you may see LAUNCH.ICA

Prompted To Open Launch.Ica When I Try To Log Into CoAction (Using Citrix)

  • When you log into Citrix and you are asked to Save this file "ica"
  • Go ahead and Save the file
  • When you click on VitaLogics, you will see the Launch.ica in the bottom left corner

  • Select the Down Arrow (on the right of the file)

  • Then Select "Always open files of this type"

  • This will allow .ica files to open on this computer

11) Select the VL icon again and you will see a pop up take place that says "starting"


12) You will now be taken to the CoAction login screen. This is where you will enter your VL username and password.

If You  see a pop up that says Block Use or Permit Use


(you can also check Do not ask me again for this site or follow steps below)



How to log into Self-check in for first time




* Reminder - You will need to First set up self-check in on the main admin menu of CoAction.

Click HERE to see a complete walk-through on setting up Self Check in.

Click HERE to see an Idea of how the feature works.


Please note that on cloud the card swiper and signature pad are not available. 

- To log into Self-Check in – click on Self-Check Icon next to the VL Icon and you will see login screen below

- Click on ‘I don’t have a card, let me type my name”


- You will see this screen below & patient can type last name, first name to find appt


- To exit out of self-check in – go to the task bar, find the self-check in icon   and right click and close window

** You cannot have self-check in open at the same time VitaLogics is open & visa versa



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