Azure Cloud New Install For Mac Desktop/Laptop Devices

If you do NOT have Citrix Receiver installed on your computer, please install Citrix Receiver first:

1) Go to a browser and enter select Downloads and Products - Citrix Receiver

2) Follow the install instructions for Your MAC 

   - Select the Receiver for MAC then click on EARLIER VERSION of Receiver for MAC - then click on Receiver 12.7 for Mac then click on Download Receiver for MAC


- Find the downloaded file (in your downloads area)and click it to open


-click on Install Citrix Receiver & next one click Continue


- Click Continue again and Continue on next one for License Agreement


- Click Agree to Terms & then Click INSTALL


- You need to enter YOUR APPLE password and click Instal Software

- Check box to ADD ACCT  then click Continue


- You will enter this to ADD ACCT area   and click ADD   

(This is a ONE TIME SET UP)


*There are 2 options to login to Azure. See steps below or use "Alternate Option to login through Citrix Receiver" halfway down this page. Whichever works best for your computer.

Option 1:


1) In your Safari browser type:   click enter

2) IF you see this image below, click on Detect Receiver (if it is an option)


3) Here you will enter username: coactionsoftclo\(enter your license)

     Password: (enter your license password)  then click LOG ON


4) Click on VitaLogics Icon and then log in at VitaLogics login as usual



6) To Log out - quick log off and cancel from VitaLogics & Top right see settings gear down arrow & select Log Off



Option 2: Login Using Citrix Receiver

- You will see Citrix Receiver login screen. Enter coactionsoftclo\license username & password given to you by VitaLogics support and click on Log On

  User name: coactionsoftclo\ (enter citrix username license)

  Password:  (enter citrix password)

**If you check box to Remember my password  - this box will not show up again


- This opens the Citrix Store Front – you will see VitaLogics icon & Self-check in icon - CLICK on VitaLogics 

- You will enter the VitaLogics username/password that you created or if new, contact to help you set up a new VitaLogics username / password

- To log out of VitaLogics - on Main Menu click Quick Log Off then click Close

- To log out of your account, go to the Citrix Store Front on top right corner you will see your name and down arrow, click on down arrow and click LOG OFF


1) Click on Launch Pad to find Citrix Receiver, then left click on Citrix Receiver



- This opens the Citrix Store Front – Click on the VitaLogics icon 

- IF you Checked the box to Remember your password you will open directly to the VitaLogics screen

-IF you DID NOT check to Remember the password, you will need to enter the password and LOG ON

then log into VitaLogics








If you have any problems, please contact VitaLogics support


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