Azure Cloud - Uninstall/Reinstall Citrix Receiver on a MAC

To Uninstall Citrix Receiver on a MAC computer

1) Close Current Citrix Application as normal and on your top task bar right click on Citrix icon and select Quit

uninstall citrix receiver from mac #1

2) Delete Citrix Receiver from the Applications folder 

 - Go to Finder on your task bar - select applications and highlight Citrix Receiver

 - Drag and drop Citrix Receiver to your Trash

 - System will require your Admin password

uninstall citrix receiver from mac #3

Instructions to Reinstall Older Version Citrix Receiver 12.7

1) Go to a browser and enter select Downloads and Products - Citrix Receiver

2) Select the Receiver for MAC then click on Earlier Versions of Receiver for Mac then click on Receiver 12.7 for MAC


 - then click on Download Receiver 12.7 for MAC

- Find the downloaded file (in your downloads area)and click it to open


-click on Install Citrix Receiver & next one click Continue


- Click Continue again and Continue on next one for License Agreement


- Click Agree to Terms & then Click INSTALL


- You need to enter YOUR APPLE password and click Instal Software


- Check box to ADD ACCT  then click Continue


- You will enter this to ADD ACCT area   and click ADD   

(This is a ONE TIME SET UP)


- You will see Citrix Receiver login screen. Enter coactionsoftclo\license username & password given to you by VitaLogics support and click on Log On

  User name: coactionsoftclo\ (enter citrix username license)

  Password:  (enter citrix password)

**If you check box to Remember my password  - this box will not show up again


- This opens the Citrix Store Front – you will see VitaLogics icon & Self-check in icon - CLICK on VitaLogics 

Now you can log in as usual

If you have any problems, please contact VitaLogics support


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