Insurance Over-payment


An Overpayment is done when the Insurance Company has sent you a payment on a service that was not provided to the patient and/or they were not billed for.  Here are the steps to manage an Overpayment:

1.  When you have the patient pulled up for whom the over-payment applies, click “Next” and then click “Over-payment”



2.  You will now see the “Select CPT” window.  Type the code for which the overpayment was applied to.  You will find this on the EOB.  Select the code and click “Save”.



3. The next window will allow you to add the specifics of the payment.  You will add the payer’s name, the charge amount (this should be equal to the overpayment amount, the billing provider and the payment amount from the Primary, Secondary or Tertiary insurance.

4.  The click “OK”.







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    Very Useful, had never paid attention to that button before!

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