1.2 Add, Edit or Inactivate a User

This video will demonstrate how to add a new user, edit an existing user or make a user inactive. It also indicates where to add a Titronics username if you use that system.

*Add or Remove Privileges: Below, you will find instructions on how to Add or Remove a users ability to access the Administration buttons, Reports, Billing or Practice Diagnosis.


*Adding Or Removing Administrative Privileges To Users

If you need to add or remove Privileges for a User please follow these steps:

You must have Administrative access to do this, which means you must have the Main - Admin Section checked in the Privileges tab.

If you are setting up users for the first time then you should use the VitaLogics default to log into VitaLogics.

  • Go to Administration on the Main Menu and click on Users


  • Select the User that you need to add or remove privileges
  • Go to Tab that says Privileges and check (or remove) any that apply ( if you are an owner you can check all boxes so you have access to all areas)

  • If you Only check the Main - Admin section - this allows the user to have the Administration button on the VitaLogics Main Menu but will not have access to Billing, Practice Diagnosis or Reports
  • Depending on which one is selected you will see the coinciding button on the VitaLogics Main Menu - see image below
  • Or if you remove privilege to an area (ex: Reports) that user will no longer see that button on the main menu and will not be able to access that area
  • Once you have the Privileges selected for that user, go to bottom right corner and click on SAVE

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