1.3 Add, Edit or Inactivate a Payer

This video will demonstrate how to add, edit or inactivate a payer. It will also show you how to set printing settings for each payer as well as set up your scrubbing based on payer. *See note below for additional changes while you are editing Payers.

*Please make sure you are using the correct HCFA 1500 Version and you have ICD-10 selected.

Here is how to check:

  • You have selected a Payer - Edit - select Printing Options
  • Go to the top right of this page where it says HCFA 1500 Version - make sure the 02/12 version is selected (use down arrow if needed)
  • Then scroll down to middle of this page (right after box 24) you will see a box with either a number 9 or number 10. This is how the system knows what ICD codes to print on the HCFA and Super Receipts. 9 equals ICD-9's and 10 equals ICD-10. This is where you will ensure number 10 is selected so your ICD-10's will print. 
  • If you ever have the need to print ICD-9 codes, just open this printing options and make the change (but don't forget to change it back when you are done re-billing!)


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