How To Do An Insurance Refund

The following are the steps to do an insurance refund:

On the VitaLogics Main Menu, Go to Billing - Select Post EOB

1) Create a zero amount EOB

-check number can also be reference number

-when performing an insurance refund, check amount is always in dollars and cents 0.00

-always a great idea to add in a note to reference reason for refund

-Select Next


2) Select Patient - Select Next

3) Select date(s) of service the refund will be coming from.

- Go to the end of the ‘Charge (CPT)’ row and click on the Green Pencil Icon

4) In the charge window, you will see a field to enter the REFUND amount.  Add in amount and select OK

5) You will see the amount posted at the top of the screen under Refunded


Repeat, if more than one charge or patient.

Once you see the total amount of the REFUND on the top of the EOB page then you should click on Next and you will get a pop up asking you Would you like to complete this EOB? Select Yes to complete EOB.

Then send payment to the insurance company

Note: If you click on SAVE, the EOB will be put "In-Process EOB" to go back at a later time



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