To Copy a MACRO Template from One User to Another

To copy a MACRO template from one user to another in CoAction follow these steps:


Step 1) While logged into CoAction, with a user that has the correct Soap Notes, click on the GREEN CIRCLE in the bottom left of the Macro screen



Step 2) Then select "Export Template to File" and Save the template to your desktop

Step 3) Once the template is saved, you will need to log out of that Username in CoAction and log back in to CoAction, under the Username that you want to upload the template to.


Step 4) Open any completed visit and again, click the GREEN CIRCLE in the bottom left of the MACRO screen (same as Step 1)

Step 5) this time, select "Import Template from File". Select the template from its saved location on your desktop and select Open.

You will need to follow these steps for all users that you would like to have that same MACRO template.

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