4.18b Option 2 - Setting up an Email & Text Account - Mandrill

Please review all options before you decide on the Appointment Reminders service for your clinic. 

Mandrill Account Set Up

Mandrill is a user friendly, scale-able email infrastructure service that provides the analytic tools to track your communications. You will need to check with Mandrill for any pricing.

Effective 3/16/16 new Mandrill clients will need to create a MailChimp account to run Mandrill. See Mandrill notice:

If you don't have a paid monthly MailChimp account and decide to create one, you can go to

To set up an account with Mandrill, please follow the steps below.

1. Go to and click on “Sign Up for Mandrill”.


2. Create an account by adding a Username, Password, click on the “I agree to the Mandrill Terms of Use” and select “Get Started.


3. The next screen will request some data about your business. You can just bypass this by clicking “No Thanks”.


4. On the next screen click “Get SMTP Credentials”.



5. Next step will ask you to verify the password you used to set up your account.



This will have created your SMTP Credentials which will be displayed on the top of the screen.




6. Next step is to create an API key. Just click on +Add API Key.







Your API key will be generated and your screen will now look like this:

(PLEASE KEEP A COPY OF THE SMTP & API CREDENTIALS as you may need to refer to them when you contact Mandrill or VitaLogics Support)







7. Now that you have all the information you will need to enter into VitaLogics:

  •  Log into VitaLogics
  •  Click on the Admin tab
  •  Then click “Email Settings”



8. Fill in the following (see image below):

  • Click on “Use my Internet Provider’s SMTP settings to send email
  • Enter “” in the SMTP Server Address field
  • Add the Port# given to you from Mandrill
  • Place a check in the “Use SSL” box
  • Place a check in the “My ISP requires authentication” boxes
  • Add the username that you used to set up your Mandrill account
  • Add the API Key provided by Mandrill to the Password field
  • Click “Test Server Settings”



9. Complete the Server Setting Test by:

  • Enter ANY sender email address
  • Enter a Recipient address that you will be able to verify if the email was received
  • Make sure you add a subject (test)
  • Include something in the Text box like "This is a Test"
  • Hit Send.

HINT: When setting up your email templates in VitaLogics, you can use a functional email address as the patient will be able to reply to the messages they receive.





10. Once sent, you can verify you received the email by checking your inbox. You can also check the status through Mandrill by hovering over the “Outbound” option on the tab across the top of the screen and selecting “Activity”. You will see the status of the email there.




Not only will you see the status of the email but you can view the content of the email or resend it right from the Mandrill interface.





*Please Note - VitaLogics does not support the Mandrill App so please contact Mandrill by clicking on their support option on their site if you want to:  

  • learn more about the full functionality of Mandrill
  • get assistance when using their application




That is it! You can now start sending text and email from VitaLogics.










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