Simple Rebill (will not indicate its a corrected claim)


How to Rebill a claim

This process is used when you do not need to indicate the claim has been corrected but, you need new data picked up on a HCFA claim


To Rebill charges for a patient, you will need to do the following:


  1. Select the patients file
  2. Go to the Ledger tab > click on the Charges tab
  3. Select "REBILL" on the top right of the page



4. You will select whether it's a Primary, Secondary, Tertiary Payer and Select Next





5. Now, you need to select all of the charges you are need to rebill. (You can select multiple dates by clicking the charge and dragging your mouse down to the last charge you need to submit, or hold the CTRL key to select dates that are not in sequence).

6. Then you will select next again.



7. From here you will complete the claims the same way as generating HCFAs for un-billed charges.





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