EHR Certification or SOFTWORX

"VitaLogics now has a full ONC-ATCB certified EHR 'add-on' module. This module has been developed and is managed by multiple party companies.

Softworx provides the EHR module fully and seamlessly integrated with VitaLogics. During the set up process with Softworx, each provider can customize the set of tests that they would like to have access to. These tests include both the mandatory and elective tests needed for the EHR certification. Softworx will also provide a drug interaction interface, BMI, balance assessment, and other exam platforms. Depending on which test are selected, the appropriate third party will be engaged to provide the appropriate training.
The EHR enable version will allow the doctor to launch and open a patient's file in Softworx with one simple click and you can easily bounce back and forth between each platform."

The add on module w/ Softworx is for the meaningful use.  Which does all the medicare upload, patient portal, file transfer, etc.

For our clients, it's $2500 setup/installation fee plus $50 per month. 
Once softworx is installed, on the doctors dashboard (when an appointment is opened), in the patient info panel, the "Softworx" button will be there.

For any questions on cost or more info regarding EHR Certification, or SOFTWORX, please use this website & contact info:
(800) 642-6082
Roger Gooden



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