How to Upload a File - VitaLogics Amazon Cloud

Here are the steps to follow if you need to upload a file to a patient when using VitaLogics Cloud.

To begin, select the patient you need to add a file to (Admin > patients > double click on the patient you will be uploading a file to. Select the Files tab

1. Click on the ‘Add’ button at the bottom right hand of the ‘File’ tab. A dialogue box will open.

2. Click on the ‘Computer’ link on the lower left side of the dialogue box.


3. Click the + sign in front of the ‘Local Disk (C: YOUR COMPUTERS NAME WILL BE HERE)’.



4. Scroll down until you see ‘Users’ and click the + sign in front of ‘Users’.


5. Scroll down to the name of the user account you are logged into on your local computer and click the + sign in front of the username.

6. Navigate to the place on your local computer where you store files ready to be scanned into VitaLogics. We recommend creating a shortcut on your desktop that links to this folder so you can access it quickly once you have navigated from the server to your local computer.


7. Navigate to the specific file inside of your scans folder and double click on it. You may type the first word in the ‘File Name” section at the bottom of the box in order to navigate directly to the file more quickly. A new dialogue box will appear.


8. Make a note pertaining to the file and click ‘Save’ button.


A dialogue box will appear letting you know the file is being saved

The file will appear at the end of the list of existing files







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