AntiVirus Update - May be causing problem logging into CoAction

If you are using an Anti-Virus program other than Microsoft Essentials (like Norton, etc) please review the information below.
Updates to your anti-virus software or changes to anti-virus settings may impact the ability for your CoAction server to communicate with the other computers in the office. This sometimes becomes apparent after you receive a CoAction update.
If you encounter a problem after the VitaLogics update where you are not able to login, please contact your IT person and ask them to check if the server is set up with the information below to ensure your server can communicate with the other computers allowing CoAction to run smoothly:
Depending on how your network is set up the following needs to be unblocked on the private network, they do not need to be unblocked for the public network.

1. SQL server [instance name (CoAction)]
2. SQL Browser
3. WWW server (IIS)

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