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Soap Note Macros

When accessing the software for the first time, you will be asked if you would like to download a shared template, you can select YES to add the Macro panel to your appointment Screen.

CoAction has added templates for use to get you going.

You are more then welcome to use one we have provided or create your very own. To access shared templates, you will go to the green CoAction symbol located to the bottom left of your Macro panel screen, select Download a shared template, select the template you would like to see and it will generate on your screen. 

Attached to this article is a Sherman Macro template you are able to download and upload to your user. Just Download and follow these steps to upload.


To Import a MACRO template in CoAction follow these steps:

Step 1) The Macro File you want to import must be on your desktop or a file on your computer

Step 2) Open any completed or checked in patient appointment to the Provider’s Screen (where you type your Soap Notes)

Step 3) In the SOAP NOTES Screen click on the GREEN CIRCLE in the bottom left of the Macro screen


Step 4) Then select "Import Template from File" Select the template from its saved location on your desktop and select Open.

Step 5) Find the Macro template file you want to import (either on your desktop or wherever you saved it on your computer)

Step 6) Highlight the Macro File, Click Open 

Step 7) The Macro File will automatically replace the one that is on your screen


Please Note: If you make changes to a template, your changes will be lost if you download another template to view. If you would like to save your progress just in case you may want to go back to what you were working on, make sure you: Go to the Green CoAction Symbol, select Export template to file and save your progress. That way you can go to the Green CoAction Symbol, select Import template from file, Select File and Open to bring back the template you were working on.


How to DELETE a MACRO button

In your SOAP Notes Template find the macro you want to edit or delete


Right click on the Macro button

On the right bottom of the page you will find Button Properties

Here is where you can Add/Edit or Delete your button

To Delete, click on Delete, you will see a pop up that says "Are you sure you want to delete this macro?"

Select Yes, that will delete the Text part of the macro

You will need to erase the Title and the color to completely clear the button

To EDIT a MACRO button

To Edit the macro text - select a macro - Right click on the button - select edit

You will open the Macro Action Wizard

You can change the Name: Macro Name (not the button name)

Change the Target: section you want the text to print (D,S,O,A,N,E)

Change anything in the text

Click OK when done


This video demonstrates how to to customize the SOAP NOTES MACRO buttons in a template to make them your very own!

You will find the Providers Dashboard or Patient Visit screen by going to Appointments > Appointment Dashboard and double clicking on any appointment (no future appts) in the Checked In/Being Treated or Completed Section. This will open the Patient Visit/Providers Dashboard.


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