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Self Check-In


The Self Check in feature allows your patients the freedom to come into the office and check in on a PC/Kiosk or Tablet of your choosing.

You can assign surveys to specific reasons of visits that your patients would be scheduled for.

CoAction comes pre-loaded with 5 survey options. Rand/SF 36, Rand/SF 15, Daily Intake Short form, Daily Encounter Long and the Daily Encounter Short V1. These surveys will still need to be reviewed and info will need to be entered in to the empty fields.

Surveys will place answers into the target location of the SOAP notes area you choose.

You can View, download and Save the Patient’s finished survey. If point values were added to the Survey, you will see that information as well.

Server clients can use a signature pad and card swiper with Self Check-in. This feature is unavailable for cloud clients. To purchase, please access the provided links.



Server clients will also need to contact support to install VL on the self check in kiosk if it is not already installed.


Please keep in mind: Surveys are not required to utilize Self Check in. If you do not want your patients answering survey questions, you will not create surveys or assign them to a reason of visit.

There is not a free text option when creating your surveys. Specific answers are created for your specific questions.

Also, If you are a local Server Client of CoAction, you will have to have CoAction installed on your Self check in PC as it feeds info to the self-check-in module. If CoAction has not been installed, please contact support to get that done 😊



Let’s walk through the setup process.


Under Admin

Self Check-in


The first screen you will see, needs to be created. The only info displayed will be your clinic name entered in to your CoAction database.

Please keep in mind, if you have multiple clinic names in CoAction, you will have to choose which one everyone sees listed. You are unable to create a self-check in database for more then one clinic.



Setting up Display Information:


First, create a “Welcome Message” for patients to see when logging into Self Check-in.

Second, set up your Clinic Logo for Patients to see:

  • Logo must be downloaded to your computer
  • Click on the “No Picture available box”
  • Go to the location on your computer the Logo file is saved, Select Logo and hit Open
  • Cloud Clients must go to This PC > Local Disc (C:computername)> Users > Select user logged into the computer and go to the location your logo is saved. Please click HERE if you are needing further assistance with how to access files when you are on the cloud version of VitaLogics.




You will see a download bar appear



Once uploaded your Clinic Logo will appear on the screen





Setting up Surveys:


If you do not want to use Surveys in your clinic, you do not need to follow these instructions. Without surveys, your patients will check into their appointment and be done.


Select the Reason of Visit you would like to work on



You will be provided a list of Survey options pre-loaded into your VL software.


Surveys are composed of questions, grouped into sections for scoring purposes. Assign each answer a numeric value and the sum of all answers will be displayed in each section on the final report.

Before tying to a Survey to a reason of visit, you will need Select the specific Survey and select the EDIT button to make sure everything in the template is generated to your liking.


If you do not want to use a provided template, you can always select New Survey to create your own.




To Create a New Survey:


Before you begin, it is best if you have your layout of categories, questions within the categories, target location of Soap Notes, phrase added to soap note location based on the patient’s responses to the questions and point value determined (if you are adding a point value) laid out before beginning.


Please note: The reason we suggest you have an Idea laid out is because once a category and questions are created, they can only be deleted. The cannot be moved around if they were created in an incorrect order. This will prevent you from having to start over if not done properly.


Select New Survey



First, you will need to create your Survey Name. VitaLogics will pre-populate “New Survey and todays date”.



Second, Section 1 will be automatically added. You will highlight “Section 1” and name it accordingly.



Third, Select Add a Question to the far right



Fourth, you will type in the first question you would like the patient to answer and select the appropriate target area of the soap notes you would like the responses sent to (S, O, A, P, N, E or D).



Next, Select The options button to the far right of the question.


You will be provided 2 Options. You can increase or decrease the number of options provided for that question, to the far right.



You will now fill in the Options the patient will see when provided your questions, fill in the text that will be carried over into the soap note target location and a point value, if you would like a point value attached.



Once you are finished filling out all your questions for section one, you can create an additional section by selecting the “Create New Section” button.


Once you are done creating your survey, Select the Save Button.

You will now see your created survey in the Left Column.


To Attach your Survey to the ROV you created the survey for, select the Right Arrow to move the Survey to the Right Column.



Once your Survey is located on the Right, it is attached to the Reason of Visit. Anytime your patients use the self-check in module and have that ROV attached to their scheduled appointment, they will be prompted to fill out those specific questions.



Once you are finished, Select Save at the bottom Right of the Screen.


Please note: Any Survey Created will be available to attach to any Reason of Visit used in the office. 



To Edit a provided survey:


Please keep in mind: The template you select, can only have missing information added in or different wording can be used. You will not be able to change the layout of the sections or the order of the questions.


Select the appropriate Reason of Visit you would like to work on, the specific survey and hit the Edit Button.



Once the screen opens, you will see the sections and questions in place. Select the Options button to the far right of the questions.


  • You will see that the “Copy answer text to” will display none. You will need to select the area of the SOAP notes you would like your answers to be placed into.
  • You will also see that “Text to copy to SOAP” will also be blank. This is where you will write out a statement based on that answer the patient has chosen. This is what you will see applied to the SOAP note area.



You will continue this process for each option in each category. Once you are finished making all changes, select the Save button in the bottom right corner.



Once you select Save, you will be brought back to the home screen.


  • Select the appropriate ROV you would like to tie the survey to.
  • Select Survey you were working on.
  • Select Right Arrow to attach the survey to the ROV.




Once the arrow is selected, you will see the survey appear on the right.




Once you are done applying the Surveys to the appropriate ROV, select Save.


Please keep in mind, if you are applying more then one survey to a ROV, the arrows on the far right are available to order the surveys.




You are now finished with the Setup!!



Local Server Clients:


You will need to download the self-module to your kiosk/pc. To do this you will select the blue hyperlink at the top right of the Admin> Self check-in screen.






If a pop up occurs stating that you need permission to access Google Drive, please contact support so that we may allow access.

This is the next screen you will see after clicking the link. You will need to select the download icon in the top right corner of the page to download.


The 'SelfCheckIn' download will display in bottom left corner of screen with a red !, you will need to click the down arrow and then select ‘Keep’ to finish the install.


Once it's downloaded, go to your computer's file folder > This PC > open SelfCheckIn in file, then click on 'setup' like in picture below:


Follow all prompts for installation. Once the installation process is completed, you will see a Self Check-in Icon on your desktop.




Once this appears, you are ready to launch the feature.


Please keep in mind: When Self check in is running on your desktop, you will not be able to exit unless you select the windows icon, on your keyboard to display your toolbar, right click the self check in Icon and select close window. Or you will need to use the ctrl alt delete to force shut it down.


Cloud Clients:


Your Self Check in Icon appears next to the VL icon when you sign into citrix.




Training Video Reference

Please keep in mind, this is an old training video and may not provide a full explanation but, is provided for a visual walk through.


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