Scheduling an Appointment


Scheduling A Patient Appointment

Scheduling a patient can be done in two areas of the software. The first way we will discuss is within the patients appointment and the second way is within the appointment book.


Canceling or Deleting an Appointment. Which should I choose?

Cancelling is added to reports to track and deleting is not.
They both allow you to choose a reason but for stats, cancelling needs to be used if Patients cannot reschedule at that time.
Deleting is only used if a mistake was performed


Scheduling within a patients file


To schedule the patient, Click on the “Appointments” tab within the patient file and Select "New" 

  1. Make sure the correct provider is selected in the drop-down
  2. Select Date of appointment
  3. Select Reason of Visit (ROV) for the appointment
  4. Select time slot
  5. Save


Your scheduled appointment will now show in the scheduled appointment log.



Scheduling within the Appointment Book

You also have the ability to schedule patients by going to "Appointments" within your database toolbar.

Select "Schedule Button or Appointment book tab as both areas take you to the appointment book.



Select the Date in the calendar and then Double click the appropriate time slot that you want to schedule the first patient.


Double click the correct patient within the Rolodex. Select Case for patient.

If the patient does not have a case, you will have to select "New Case" and create.

Select Reason of Visit


You are also able to indicate that this appointment is a walk in by selecting the provided box. Walk ins are also tracked on the Appointment Results Report.


Making a Recurring appointment

If you have a patient that has a consistent scheduled.

For example: comes in every Mon, Wed, Friday at 5pm.

You can choose the "Recurrence" Button to schedule those appointments.

Please Keep in mind: There is no way to delete all recurring appointments in bulk. If an error is made or the patient decides that time no longer works, each appointment will have to be rescheduled or deleted one by one. That is why support never recommends recurrences are not created for an extended period of time.


Once you are finished select "Save and Close"


Scheduling an additional patient in an already filled time slot

Double click the open area of the appointment book


Walk through the same steps to schedule and they will be listed next to the other scheduled appt. 



Training Video Reference

Please keep in mind, this is an old training video and may not provide a full explanation but, is provided for a visual walk through.

This video will demonstrate how to schedule and appointment from the Appointment Book and from the patient's appointment. It will also show you how to schedule recurring appointments and schedule an exception to the schedule.

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