How to Make Changes in Appoinment Book- Time Intervals, Time in between Appointments and Add, Delete Providers

To change the Appointment times that are visible in the Appointment tab OR if you need to Change the length of the time interval for each appointment:

1) From the CoAction Menu, Go to Appointments > Select Appointment Book tab the Edit on left


2) Once you clicked Edit - you will be in the User Settings where you can select how long you would like the time intervals between appointments set. Click on the time intervals down arrow to select either 5 minute, 10 minute, 15 minute intervals. Click SAVE once selection is complete.


3) In this same User Settings screen you can change the times that will be shown on your appointment tab. You can either set it to "Show Working Hours Only" if box is checked. This will show only the work schedule that has been entered for this provider. To make changes to the providers schedule see "Setting Up Providers Work Schedule". Click SAVE when done

OR if the box "Show working Hours Only" is NOT Checked - the Appointment tab will show a Full 24 hour day. Click Save when done.

4) You can also Add or Delete providers to your appointments tab from this User Settings screen:

On the left you will see all providers in your system.

To Add or Delete a provider from the Appointment Tab just select the provider on the left use the arrows to Add or Delete and SAVE when done.

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