Text/Email Reminders - How to Make Changes to Appointment Reminders (times, templates, sender email, etc)

Go to VitaLogics Main Menu > Admin > Appointment Reminders


In the Appointment Reminder Setting Screen you can make the following changes:

  • Appointment Reminders Via Email (top)- set how many hours you want your patient to receive the reminder email, you can also revise the template on the right or change the sender email address
  • Appointment Reminders Via Text Message (in center) - You can set how many hours before the appointment the patient will receive a text message reminder, you can also revise the template, but be mindful it has a limited amount of character space or change the sender email address
  • Late for Appointment Text Message (bottom) - you can set the amount of minutes after the appointment is missed for patient to receive late text and you can revise the template as well or change the sender email address


  • Always Click SAVE when you are done making changes





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