Error Messages

Customer: If you encounter the following Error Messages, here are some steps to help you to resolve your error. If you continue to have problems, please contact support for assistance.

3. When creating HCFA’s getting Error code: Case snap shot data out of sync

  • Contact Support


4. A warning pops up saying "invalid credentials": (it allows me to schedule the appointments but it just continues to happen)

  • Is VitaLogics linked to your Google calendar?
  • the error means the customer changed their google password but did not change it in VL
    • If YES – go to Admin > Providers > select provider name > click edit > select calendar synch and add in correct email/ password > save   (most likely the provider updated password and forgot to update here).            
    • This should take care of the issue.
    • IF NO (customer does not know if VitaLogics is linked to google calendar)
    • Please verify by going to Admin > Providers > Select provider name > click edit > select calendar synch and unchecking the box that says “publish this providers appointments in his google calendar” > save               
    • After you uncheck the "publish this box..." - does the error appear again?
    • If it does not appear again that means someone DID change the google password and you need to change the google password in VitaLogics –see above


5. String is not recognized as valid date/time

  • Check that the date and time on your computer is correct
    • In the lower right corner of the screen in the taskbar notification area click the Clock.
    • Click change date and time settings
    • Depending on the Operating system, make appropriate changes to date & time, save
    • This should fix this error - try VitaLogics once again


6. The task you are trying to do can't be completed because Remote Desktop Services is currently busy. Please try again in a few minutes. Other users should still be able to log on.


  • Please contact support to see if support can log into your Cloud URL ( ex: using your username/password to confirm error from our location as well
  • Support will escalate to Tier II Development to check cloud server






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