4.10 Setting Up the Self Check In Module For Server

**Please note**

For Server Clients - VitaLogics is a Windows based program and will need to be installed on a Windows based device. 


5 Steps to Setting Up Self Check In

• Purchase a computer to use as your check in kiosk

• Purchase Signature Pad and card swiper - if needed

• Install VitaLogics/CoAction on Kiosk

• Install Self Check In Client on Kiosk

• Install software for ePad and or card swiper on kiosk -- if needed

Step 1 – Purchase a computer to use as check in kiosk.

• Recommendation: – Any Windows based touch screen all in one PC – Screen size 20-23 inches – at least Windows 8 – Minimum of 2 Gigabytes

  • Windows laptop or Windows tablets will work as well depending on your clinic waiting room set up

Step 2- Purchase Signature Pad and or Card Swiper


Step 3- Install VitaLogics on Kiosk

• Contact to install VitaLogics on the Kiosk device if not already installed

Step 4- Install Self Check In Client to Kiosk

• Log into VitaLogics on the Kiosk Computer

• Click on Admin -> Self Check In

• Click the Link in the Upper Right Hand corner of the screen that says “Click Here to Download the Self Check In Client”

• Click “Save As”

• Once saved to the desktop – Open Folder and click on “SelfCheckInSetUp”

• File will be installed and you will have a Self Check In Icon on your desktop


Once you have everything set up you should be able to double click the Self Check In Icon on your desktop.

Once Self Check In is Set Up….

• Now you can go back and review the “Using Self Check In Training Video that can be found under Admin -> Support Center -> Search for “Using Self Check In”

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