How to Change a Providers Work Schedule


1) In the VitaLogics Main Menu > Go to Administration > click on Providers


2) Click on Edit on the bottom of the Provider screen


3) Select Schedule Tab > Select Weekly Schedule to Change Providers Work schedule.

(This is the schedule that will appear in the Appointment tab if you checked "Show Working Hours Only" in the Appointment Book User Settings.)

4) To make a change, Click on the box next to the DAY you want to change hours, click EDIT5) You can select multiple days to make the same changes (Monday, Tuesday, etc) The hours you add in the Edit Schedule screen will apply to ALL the days you select.

6) Once in the Edit Schedule screen (see below) - Add/Change the Start time on bottom left and Stop time bottom center > click on ADD and click Save




7) You can also Add/Change the Providers Exception Schedule. To add vacation times, out of office, etc., Select Exception Schedule tab

8) See image above - Add Reason (vacation, meeting,etc), select if provider will be out of office or in office, Date starts, Date Ends, check Allow override if you still want to be able to make appointments during this time, Click ADD, Click SAVE








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