How To Process a Patient's Credit Card Payment Manually in VitaLogics

To Process a Credit Card Payment manually in VitaLogics, please follow these steps:

IF patient credit card is not in VitaLogics, please use these steps:

  • On VitaLogics Main Menu, go to Patients > select patients name from the roladex > go to ledger > payments > authorize payment

  • click on the credit button
  • Fill in or select the following info:
    • select card type
    • enter expiration date and year
    • type account number
    • type in cvc code (3 digit security code on back)
    • then click on one of the following: if you want a receipt printed choose either Post Payment and Print Super Receipt or Post Payment and Print Receipt or just Post Payment (no receipt).

***NOTE***If you don't have a signature pad then you would want to select post payment and print receipt.  Have patient sign on that piece of paper for hard copy receipt. 

If the patient has already used a credit card once you can use "Past Payment Methods"

    • select the down arrow pick the card patient wants to use and it auto fills the information for you.


  • Then select the printing type you would like



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