Forte Credit Card/ACH Processing Set Up (cloud)

Forte Credit Card/ACH Processing Set Up

Please log into the support portal to let the support team know the day you would like to have the Forte processing activated in your system. Here are some things you need to accomplish the day prior to get started with Forte.


1) Post any and all credit card payments you have from your old credit card machine.
* Once activated in VitaLogics, the way a credit card payment is recorded will change. At that point it will only be compatible with Forte services, so all old credit card payments need to be in the system before you leave for the evening.

2) VitaLogics will activate your Forte processing overnight and will notify you when completed via email

3) Once updated you will have to add your Forte account to VitaLogics. Click HERE for a step by step guide on how to accomplish this. VitaLogics cannot do this step for you, as the account numbers needed are between you and Forte per your client agreement and we cannot access their client information.
* You should look for the required account numbers from Forte now so that you have them ready to go when you get the update from VitaLogics allowing you to use the Forte credit card system.

4) If you ordered one, please make sure to install your signature pad. The signature pad should have come with instructions. Make sure you have installed the software for the signature pad to ensure the computer recognizes that the signature pad is connected. If you need assistance, you can use the support portal for signature pad instructions or contact .

5) After you completed the above items, please log into the support portal for training. A support representative will show you:
* how to now process your credit card
* how to set up/edit auto debits for care plans

Then you will be all set to use your new credit card processing system.

VitaLogics Support Team

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