Google Calendar Sync Server/Azure or Remove from Sync


Google Calendar Sync

This Feature Allows a provider to have their patients scheduled appointments sent to his/her Gmail Calendar

Please Note:

  • Only one Gmail account can be entered per provider. The provider can only see his/her own calendar. 
  • If another member of the office must see the providers scheduled appointments as well, you will need to share your calendar with that staff member within google calendar settings.
  • you do not have to update your Gmail password or set-up this feature again, if you decide to change your gmail password.
  • Due to Hippa, you will not see the patients name that has a scheduled appointment. You will only see the ROV scheduled and the amount of time blocked out.


To Sync CoAction to your Google Calendar

Please follow these steps:

Step 1: Edit the Provider

In CoAction go to Administration then click on Providers.

Select a Provider then click on Edit


Select the Calendar Sync Tab then click on Create Token. This will take you to a Google page.



Step 2: If the Provider is ALREADY SIGNED into Gmail you will see their email address listed or you will have to select "Use Another account".


If you are selecting an email address displayed, you will simply select ALLOW on the next window


You selected "Use another account" Enter the providers email address and select "Next"


Enter the providers gmail password and select "Next"


Then Select "Allow"


Once you are finished, you will see a message that states


You can now X out of the gmail window.





Step 3: Publish the Calendar

You will now go back to CoAction and should see Google Verification is set to "YES". Enter a check mark in "Publish this Provider's Appointments to his/her Google Calendar" then click SAVE.


***NOTE: This process must be completed for ALL providers that want CoAction synced to their Google Calendar



If you are having trouble Creating a Token you can try the following:

  • Make sure the provider is not logged into any other computer with his Gmail account
  • Go to Control Panel then Programs
  • Delete any CoAction programs
  • See if there are any duplicate CoAction programs
  • Keep the latest date/version & uninstall older versions

  •  Then go back to STEP 1 instructions above



To Remove a Google Email from Syncing:

Go to Admin then select Providers


Select a Provider and click on Edit


 Select the Calendar Sync Tab then click on Delete Token and SAVE


This will Un-sync the Google Email from CoAction.







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