To Add Video Content To Your HSTV Playlist

Please follow these instructions

* Please note: YouTube videos seem to be causing some issues with some HSTV Media Player devices

If you have created a video and you have the original “raw” video on your desktop or IPhone you can upload this video directly to Screenscape. You do not need to upload to YouTube.

1. Using Internet Explorer - Go to – login to your HSTV____ (username and password are the same and the letters are upper case)
2. Go to create tab
3. Then click on Create Content


4. This will take you to the Select your Design Screen

5. You will have different choices for video. Please select a Video template. There are a few to choose from. Just scroll until you find the one you like.

6. Once you find the video template you like, click on the template and click on Customize
7. Then click on Select Video on bottom right of this screen

8. It will take you to this screen just click on Upload

9. On this screen, click on OK - this will take you to your computer files to find your video

10. Find your video file on your computer click on the video and click open

11. Wait for it to Convert (if it takes way too long you can X out of it and go back to select video and should be done) You should see Upload Complete when done.

12. Choose it, go to describe, Add title, save and it will appear in create

13. Then select video by clicking on the box, go to actions, select publish


Video should be in the publish tab –make sure it works well



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