Error Message: Key Not Found......

Customer: If you encounter the following Error Message, here are some steps to help you to resolve your error. If you continue to have problems, please contact support for assistance.


1. Key not found: 'Time Display' Parameter: name key
Also Key not found: 'personlastnamedisplay Parameter:namekey

  • Close VL on all computers.
  • Then open VitaLogics up on the first computer that is having problems.
  • Go to the appointment screen (the 4 column view NOT the appointment book view).
  • See if 1 of the 4 columns looks funky.
  • If so, then right mouse click on the column header and select "Default view".
  • If none look out of whack do that to all 4 of the columns.
  • Repeat on additional computers with same problem
  • Contact Support if this is still a problem
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