How to Add Recurring Appointments (appt) & How to Change or Delete Recurring Appointments

How to Add Recurring Appointments


1) Go to the Appointment book

2) Select the time slot the patients appointments will be and double click to open the patient rolodex



3) Select the patient name for the appointment and click "OPEN" (or you can double click on the patient name to open)



4) Select the Recurrence button



5) Select the appropriate filters and Save



Lastly, you will select the appropriate Reason of Visit and Save




There is not an automatic removal of the appointment recurrence.

If you need to remove or reschedule an appointment recurrence

you will have to reschedule one by one or you can delete

all appointments and then go back in and redo the recurrence. 

To delete multiple appointments for a patient-go to the patient

and click on the Appointments tab, you will see all pending appointments

on top, highlight appointments not wanted and click delete.




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