1.19 Cloud After Hours Access / Cloud Server Hours -"Server Not Available" Msg When Accessing

The Server is on 24 hours, 365 days per year.
Automatic log in is during Mon-Fri 6AM - 10PM

All other times are a "Soft log in" which means you will need to enter the number of hours you would like to use the server. See instructions below.

The reason for a "Soft Log On":
The main reason for the manual entry for hours of use during off hours/weekends is that Amazon does server checks ups, updates and VitaLogics does maintenance/updates during those hours. We do not want the users to interrupt those activities hence we ask the users to input the hours of usage so we can keep the server idle or if the server is in maintenance mode, it can initiate a soft shutdown to allow clients to use the server and resume the service after the clients are done (not causing errors to server checks/updates/maintenance)."


If you see this message when you are accessing the cloud after hours you will just need to add the amount of time you would like to access the server. (see images below)

Click on "Click here to go to your server now"

You will then be asked to enter the Number of Hours you will be using the server and Click on START

If you see this screen and you have already installed Citrix, just click on "SKIP TO LOG ON"

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