IPAD - How to Install Citrix Receiver & Access CoAction on an IPAD (Amazon Cloud)

Please Note: CoAction Cannot be Installed on IPADs. If you are a Server based customer, you can only use an Ipad if you are using a remote software like Teamviewer. Server based customers please review this link


Cloud Customers - To Access CoAction using an IPAD

1) From your IPAD - go to the APP STORE and search for Citrix Receiver for IPAD


2) Click on GET then INSTALL or a download symbol 



3) You may need to enter your Itunes credentials

4) When it finishes installing you can continue 2 different ways: A) setting up AN Acount in Citrix Receiver OR B) Use your browser to log in 

OPTION A - Adding account in Citrix

A) When download is complete - Click OPEN - You will see this screen – click on Add Account (will only need to Add acct once)



  • Next you will see acct Verifying and then see this screen "Verified" showing your URL in address and Description name Coactioncloud Virtual App – Click Save


  • This will bring you to Citrix login screen to enter your citrix license username/password and domain: coactioncloud1 &  Login as usual

  • *Please Note: using citrix app will not allow saving username/password

  • FOR Future Logins: On Ipad just click on the Citrix receiver app on your ipad and you will see this screen - when it opens you will see on top right corner next to the settings icon, looks like a little person - tap on that and you will find the acct name (coactioncloud virtual apps) - click on that & it will take you to the main citrix screen to log in.



OPTION B - You will log in using your Safari Browser


B) (DO Not Click Open) Click on the Ipad Home button to take you to the main screen where you will see the Citrix Receiver Icon - DO NOT Open this 


(If you see the Citrix Receiver home screen, Click on the IPAD HOME button  )


6) Go to your browser, Safari           


7) Type in the URL that you were given by CoAction. It will look something like this (this is only an example)  


8) Now you would log in with your Citrix username and password as you normally do



PLEASE NOTE: If you see a Green Install Button - click on SKIP TO LOG ON (because you have already installed Citric Receiver)



9) Next you will see the CoAction icon and enter your VitaLogics username and password




10) You may see a pop up that says Launch.ica - Open in Receiver

11) Click on Open in Receiver

12) You will then see it launching.....


13) You will then see the CoAction logon screen and you can log in normally

14) If you have to look at another site, you do not have to log out of CoAction, you can click on the ipad home screen and when you are ready to open CoAction once again just click on the CITRIX APP you will see this screen

  • Just click on Show APP to go back to your open CoAction

15) To Log out

  • Log out of CoAction
  • You will see this screen - just click on "Back to Safari" in the left top corner

  • Then click on Citrix Xenapp tab and logout








PLEASE NOTE: IF YOU SEE THE FOLLOWING LAUNCH.ICA problems instead of the image above then you will have to use a different Browser and start with the URL once again

  • Do you want to replace the existing launch.ica in download? create new file or replace file
  • Do you want to open or save this file?



12) This should take you to the CoAction Logon screen

  • If you have not created a user name/password yet you can use the Default which is always the same (username: VitaLogics, password: VitaLogics) this is case sensitive

  • If the Ipad is not letting you type, shows a little triangle - Look on the top you should see a black tab with a down arrow - touch that and it will bring down a menu
  • Select the Keyboard from the menu to type in your Username/password


13) Once you click on Logon, you May see a pop up and you will select PERMIT USE (this will allow you to see your local desktop to pull saved files, etc)


When done with CoAction, dont forget to LOG OUT of CoAction and LOG OUT of Citrix





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