Authentication Invalid Pop Up When Processing a Credit Card Payment (Forte)


When the customer is posting a credit card payment in VitaLogics and the following pop ups display,


2nd Pop Up is a whole page of Code

These are Forte errors and the following needs to be checked:

  1. Go to the VitaLogics main menu and select Administration
  2. Select Payment Settings > Edit
  3. The customer will need to confirm & carefully re-enter the following information from what Forte sent to them:
  • Merchant ID
  • Password
  • API #
  • Secure Key#                                                                    

4. Once confirmed, Save and Save again on bottom right of screen

5. Do a Quick Log off

6. Log back in and try to Post a Credit Card payment again

7. If error still appears, customer should will need to log into Forte Virtual Terminal - they will need their Merchant ID /password:

  • Log into Forte Virtual Terminal > Gateway Settings > Generate a New API# and New Secure Key# > (copy both numbers to notepad so they can be entered into VL) must click on UPDATE

8. Go to Payment Settings in VitaLogics > Edit > Enter (copy & paste) New API & Secure Key > Save > Save on bottom right

9. Log out of VitaLogics then log back in

10. Try to post another .01 or .02 cent payment to test if error goes away 

If any problems with this escalate to Director of Customer Support to work with Forte and Customer to contact Forte 1-866-290-5400 Customer Service or Tech Support option #5 (Paul Hurst, James Ivey or Luke, if available)





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