CPT Stat Report

The CPT STAT Report will give you information on CPT codes. This report will show you by CPT code: the frequency or units, total amounts, tax, total amount collected.

It can be used to pull specific charges like nutrients, massage, 98941, etc.

To Run The CPT Stat Report

From the VitaLogics Main Menu:

1. Select Reports

2. Click on CPT Stat

3. Clinic - Choose All Clinics or select a specific one

4. CPT Code- you can enter CPT code 

5. Scheduled/Rendering Provider - you can select ALL Providers or a specific provider

6. Date Range -  you can select any of these in the drop down menu: Range of Days, Day, Week, Month, Quarter, Year or Everything before

7. Payer - select All Payers or a specific one, you also can hold down the CTRL key and you can select multiple payers

8. Case Classification - select either ALL Classifications, Barter, Cash, MEdical Insurance or Medicare

9. Select Next


 Here is an Example of the Report:



 To Download a Report

You have the ability to print as well as download this report to Excel, PDF or a Word file. You will find this at the top of the reports tool bar.



freq/units example:  if you charge 97110 and you did 2 charges and both were 2 units it would say 2/4 frequency is twice 2 charges for a total of 4 units.

nutrition: One person buys 2 then it is 1/2 then one person buys one and it is 2/3 then one person buys 4 it becomes 3/7 etc.

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