AR Report (Account Receivable)

AR Report (Account Receivable)


The AR report allows you to see any patient that has a balance on their account for a specific date range. This will let you know if its patient, payer or both that are responsible for the balance and whether it is 30, 60, 90 etc. days old. You will also be provided info on charges, dates of service, when a charge was last billed, who the insurance company is and how to get a hold of them for payment and questions.  You can run this report by Billing Entity or by Treating provider.



To Run the AR Report

  1. You will press the Reports button located in your CoAction Tool Bar

 2. Next, Select AR Report button

3. Select Filters you would like to run the report by:

- Billing Entity or Treating Provider

- Select a case type (if you want to only run for a specific type)

- Select the types of balances you would like to see:

    • Total Case
    • Payer (If you select Payer: you will select All Payers or the specific payer you want to see balances for. Ie: Medicare, Aetna, Blue Cross Etc.)
    • Patient Balances Only.

*Please Note - Total Case and Patient Balances Only - will only run a Summary report. If you choose Payer Balances Only, you can select Summary Report or Detailed Report.

- The final option is balance type:

    • You can select - All cases with a balance regardless of aging
    • OR You can get specific with 0-30, 31-60, 61-90, 91-120, 121+days past due.  



Here are 2 examples:

  • If you run the AR Report for Total Case Balances, it will come out looking something like this.
  • It will display the patient's name, case name, patient phone number, how long the balance has been sitting and whether it is patient or payer responsibility. 


  • If you run the AR Report to display Payer Balances, It will display a more detailed view of what the Payer owes and why.
  • You will see the patients name, charges, the date of service the charge was applied to, how much the balance is, when the charge was last billed, Insurance company name, Patient ID number, Payer contact number etc.  

To Download/Print a Report

All reports will display a toolbar at the top of the page when generated.

You will be able to Print and Export the document. You will see the Red Circle is highlighting the Print button and the Red Arrow is pointing to the Export options. X=Excel, A=Adobe, and W=Word. 





Helpful Info:

The AR Report is refreshed by a new payment received by the patient or a completed appointment in the patient’s case.

If write-offs were performed “AFTER" the last completed appointment and the patient has not been seen in the office since the write off was added into charges, this can result in you AR Report reflecting a balance when the patient is displaying a 0.00 Balance in their Case/Ledger. 


Steps on how to Refresh the AR Report


Option 1:

When Patient has Visits in their case


  1. Go to the Patients file
  2. Select Appointment Tab
  3. Click on the most recent, Completed Appointment
  4. Click Review Button
  5. Click Check out in patient’s appointment
  6. Re-run AR Report


Option 2:

When a case is all Over the Counter Charges


  1. Go to the Patients file
  2. Select Ledger Tab
  3. Select Payment Tab
  4. Post Payment Button
  5. Add in .01 cash payment
  6. Click on .01 payment made
  7. Select Delete Button to delete payment
  8. Re-run AR Report


Option 3: Contact Support


If the patient is still present on the AR Report, that can mean money within a charge on the Ledger was not allocated properly. 

Support will look at the Patients File/Charges to see where the discrepancy or problem lies.


Training Video Reference

Please keep in mind, this is an old training video and may not provide a full explanation but, is provided for a visual walkthrough.




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