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Day Sheet


The Day Sheet shows all office flow for the specific day selected.

This report does not have a date range option

Charges added to a patients account, Patient/Payer payments received, write off totals, refunds etc.

Can be ran as a summary or detailed report. If Detailed is NOT selected, you will not see the CPT code and description applied to the patient’s appointment.

This report is run by Designated or Assigned Provider.

*If you have not specified how the report should be ran (by Designated or Assigned Provider) you will need to Go to Admin>>Global Settings and you will see Day Sheet on the bottom of the page, make your selection and close the tab





 Assigned provider is selected in Patient file under Patient Info tab.

An Assigned Provider is the provider for which you would like to link A patient to for financial reporting, regardless of who sees the patient. 



  Designated Provider is selected in Patient file under the case tab.

Using the Designated Provider will allow you to have a Provider linked to a specific case. For example, A patient can have 2 cases. One Chiropractic case Designated to a Chiropractor and one Massage case Designated to the Massage Therapist.

**Please note, however you choose to run the report (Assigned or Designated), then you MUST select an Assigned or Designated Provider for each patient's case or else the data in those cases will NOT be included in the financial part of the reports and charges will fall under an Unassigned Category.  

If you would like the Day Sheet collections to match the Collections Income Report totals:


The client database must be set to gather info from the same provider type (Assigned or Designated) for Both the Day Sheet and Collections Income Report in Admin>> Global Settings.  The Action button must also be selected so, the reports will reflect properly.



Additional Info: This report is also generated by posting date. It can be altered if you go back in time to post a payment or add charges to a patient’s appointment.

For Example: You receive EOBs on a Friday but, it's late in the day. You post the payments on Monday but, select Friday as the posting date. This will change the totals on Fridays Day Sheet.



To Run the Day Sheet

You will press the Reports button located in your CoAction Toolbar

Select Day Sheet button

You will select the appropriate filters the report should be generated by.

  • Day -Select the day you would like to review
  • Detailed or Summary – The report defaults to summary. If you would like to see the report detailed, the box next to detailed has to be selected.
  • Clinic -Select "All Clinics" or a specific clinic, if you have multiple
  • Designated or Assigned Provider- Select All Providers or select appropriate provider.





When generated as a Summary Report, you will see it display like this. The provider will be listed, Patients name, Case, Appointment time, Payer (if the patient is insurance) and patient totals.

The Totals for the day are displayed at the bottom of page.

The Totals in Red show negative totals, such as Write offs and Refunds. 


     At the bottom you will see the Appointment history for the day.

 *The totals are displayed the same on the Summary and Details Report



If you would like to see the Day Sheet in Detailed form, you will see it displayed this way. The same info will display as the Summary Report but, you will see a detailed list of the patient’s charges that were added to their appointment. 



To Download/Print a Report

All reports will display a toolbar at the top of the page when generated.

You will be able to Print and Export the document. You will see the Red Circle is highlighting the Print button and the Red Arrow is pointing to the Export options. X=Excel, A=Adobe and W=Word. 



Training Video Reference

Please keep in mind, this is an old training video and may not provide a full explanation but, is provided for a visual walkthrough.


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