How to Print SOAP Notes

You have two options when printing Soap Notes.

1) Print from Patient Case

  • You can select the Patient > go to the Patients Case tab > on the bottom you will select Print Soap Notes 


  • You will then need to select all the info you want to show on the Soap Notes and click on Save


  • Once the Soap Notes display - you can save then to Word, Excel or PDF (see the icons on the top or just print to your local printer


2) 2nd Option is using the setting up the Documenter template with a SOAP Notes template and you can create a New document from the patients file

  • You first need to set up your Document Template. To do that watch this short video to show you how it is done
  • Once you have set up a SOAP document template
    • Go to the patients file >select Documents tab > on bottom left click on Create New

    • You will see a Pop up where you will select your filters. Use the drop down menu to find your Document template you created for Soap Notes, enter all other filters)
    • Click NEXT


    • You will then see a Preview screen of the SOAP template including the notes for the date(s) you selected
    • Here you can review and make any changes to the document as needed
    • Click Finish when done


    • The Soap Notes you created will then upload and be stored in the patients file in the Documents tab


*Note: If your SOAP notes are not being created when you are using the document template it could be because the appointment Reason of Visit does not match the Reason of Visit you have set up in the Document Template. Click here if you would like to see instructions on this:


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