Infusionsoft & VL Marketing Automation Integrated in VitaLogics for Platinum Plan

The following are included in the VitaLogics EMR Platinum Package:

  • API Level Infusionsoft Integration - Overall explanation of what is offered with Infusionsoft - see below
  • VitaLogics Marketing Automation™ - Full copy of Automations are attached. Instruction are included with the copy. Return copy within 14 days with changes to as per instructions.


VitaLogics – Infusionsoft API

Included in the EMR Platinum package is the following:

1. One-Time Four Emails Series

a. Prospect Email – sent to person when they have their first scheduled appointment

i. Welcome and Thank you for choosing us

ii. 3 Links to your site (i.e. New Patient Forms, Directions to your office, testimonials)

b. Lead Email – sent to the person after they transition to a Lead

i. It was nice to see you in our office

ii. Why you should choose us

c. Patient Workshop – sent next day after transition to Lead

i. Invitation to New Patient Orientation

d. Task – email sent to email on file that a particular patient has not completed an appointment within 180 days with a suggestion to inactivate them

2. Active Patient Email Series

a. Birthday Email – email goes to each Active Patient wishing them a Happy Birthday

b. Patient Education (6 Emails) – General Patient Education

c. Recall Task – email goes to email on file to call a patient who has missed 2 consecutive appointments and no future appointment is scheduled and has met the following criteria:

i. 3 Days after last completed appointment

ii. 13 Days after last completed appointment

iii. 21 Days after last completed appointment

3. Reactivation Email Series

a. Reactivation Incentive Campaign (4 Emails) – starts 30 days after Inactivating a patient, sent every 30 days, each providing an incentive to return. Can be customized to fit.

i. 30 Days after Inactivation or Termination

ii. 60 Days after Inactivation or Termination

iii. 90 Days after Inactivation or Termination

iiii. 120 Days after Inactivation or Termination


Included in this package will be a one-time customization of the campaigns up to 2 hours.  This is available ONLY during the first 14 days of VitaLogics receiving your copy

Types of customizations that are included are:

  1. Adding a logo
  2. Providing url’s
  3. Template design
  4. Email copy changes
  5. Email Timing Changes

****After the 14 days you will be charged the programming rate of $79.00 per hour to make any changes to the campaigns.****

PLEASE NOTE: If changes are made that disable the campaign in any way, or you require additional assistance, the rate will be $79.00 per hour. 


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