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The deadline for the ICD10 transition will be here soon. Many clinics have been hard at work learning all about the new ICD-10 codes.
If you have not started, there are many resources available for your clinic to receive ICD-10 training or to get started in this process. As a provider it is your responsibility to learn which codes are appropriate to use for your patients.  To assist you in learning more about the ICD-10 codes, here are some helpful websites to get you started. 

ICD-10 Info & Resources

American Chiropractic Assoc

ACA:     ICD 10 Webinar 


Coding Excercises:




Clearinghouse Website



Here are just a few Billing Training seminars/resources across the country that we found online. We are not recommending any, we are only showing you some of the resources found online.  

  • New York State Chiropractic Assoc 

  • Pennsylvania Chiropractic Assoc 

  • Parker University - Dallas, TX 

  • Health Network Soutions 

  • H.J. Ross Chiropractic Billing company in California

  • California Health Information Assoc

  • OREGON Chiropractic Association

  • InstaCode Institute





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