FAQ's - ICD-10 and VitaLogics: Are We Ready?

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Q- Are the new ICD-10 codes in VitaLogics?
A- We have added 1000 of the most common ICD-10 codes and definitions.
Q- Will clinics need to make upgrades to the system and is there a cost?
A- Clinics will not need to make any physical upgrades and there will be no additional cost.
Q- Will there be the ability to have dual use of ICD-9 and ICD-10 codes?
A- Yes, both ICD-9 and ICD-10 codes can be added to the patients visit but only one of them be pulled to print on the HCFA form.


Q- Will VitaLogics make any changes to the system?
A- The latest update includes some modifications to assist you in this transition. We have included a conversion tool link to help you decide which ICD-10 codes you are a good replacement for the ICD-9 codes you are currently using.
Q- Will VitaLogics provide training for transitioning to ICD-10 codes.
A- In this newsletter, VitaLogics has included a training video link and step by step written instructions to help you with this process.
See links below:



Q- Can clinics test the new ICD-10 codes in VitaLogics?
A- Once you have set up your ICD-10 buttons you can contact your clearinghouse and payers to find out their requirements for ICD-10 testing.


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