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ICD-10 video and instructions!



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Tip of the Day and more!

In this newsletter we will be providing you with the information you will need to help you get your VitaLogics database ready well before the October 1stdeadline. You will find training videos, links to written documentation, FAQ's, extra resources and more. So, let's get started! 
The next VitaLogics update is in August. As a reminder, we send updates out by groups and you will be notified via email the day before your update.
 ICD-9 - ICD-10 Transition deadline
is October 1, 2015
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What is VitaLogics Doing
to be Prepared? 
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You may have some questions for VitaLogics
so let's try to answer them here.
Q- Are the new ICD-10 codes in VitaLogics?
A- We have added 1000 of the most common ICD-10 codes and definitions.
Q- Will clinics need to make upgrades to the system and is there a cost?
A- Clinics will not need to make any physical upgrades and there will be no additional cost.
Q- Will there be the ability to have dual use of ICD-9 and ICD-10 codes?
A- Yes, both ICD-9 and ICD-10 codes can be added to the patients visit but only one of them be pulled to print on the HCFA form.
Q- Will VitaLogics make any changes to the system?
A- The latest update includes some modifications to assist you in this transition. We have included a conversion tool link to help you decide which ICD-10 codes you are a good replacement for the ICD-9 codes you are currently using.
Q- Will VitaLogics provide training for transitioning to ICD-10 codes.
A- In this newsletter, VitaLogics has included a training video link and step by step written instructions to help you with this process.
Q- Can clinics test the new ICD-10 codes in VitaLogics?
A- Once you have set up your ICD-10 buttons you can contact your clearinghouse and payers to find out their requirements for ICD-10 testing.
ICD-10 VitaLogics Training Video! 
ICD9 - ICD10 Transition: Getting VitaLogics Ready
Hosted by:
Dr. Cristina Esposito
If you are wondering were do I start and what will I need to do to be ready for ICD-10 transition. Watch this video!            Interesting Image
Do You Prefer Written Documentation On How to Get Your VitaLogics Database Ready?
Here are the step by step instructions if you want to print them out.
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You can also find this if you go to VitaLogics - Administration - Support Center - VitaLogics EMR - ICD-10 Information
Here Are Some ICD-10 Resources to Get Started
The deadline for the ICD10 transition will be here soon. Many clinics have been hard at work learning all about the new ICD-10 codes.
If you have not started, there are many resources available for your clinic to receive ICD-10 training or to get started in this process. As a provider it is your responsibility to learn which codes are appropriate to use for your patients.  To assist you in learning more about the ICD-10 codes, here are some helpful websites to get you started. 
VitaLogics Affiliate Corner
Company Logo
Are you in need of assistance with compliant SOAP Note Documentation? Dr. John Davila of Custom Chiro Solutions is one of our affiliates and will customize your SOAP Note Macros to include the detail needed to ensure your notes are compliant and that they support the medical necessity of the services you are providing.  Watch Here 

For more information on using Custom ChiroSolutions compliant SOAP Note Macros inVitaLogics, please contact Dr. John Davila at 1-800-974-3479 ext 3


Interested in Joining your Colleagues who are on their way to getting their monthly support fees waived?
The VitaLogics Affliiate program provides you the opportunity to significantly lower if not completely eliminate your month support fee.  Click here to learn more!
1500 HCFA Claim Form - 0212 Optiois the Default
Since everyone should be using the 0212 Claim Form by now, we have made 0212 the default in the following areas:  
- Creating a HCFA
- Adding a New Payer - Printing Options for Primary, Secondary or Tertiary Insurance
You will see the 0212 option as your first choice. 0805 is still there if you need it but you will have to select it from the drop down menu.
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Practice Dx has some improvements in this update!

- Run time has been significantly improved

- New Patient conversion percentage has been corrected

- Next Months Appointments will now show 30/60/90 days into the future

- Report can be run by Custom Date Range

- New "Completed Appointment" stat added


Less Keystrokes!
Removed drop down if there is only one option
If there is only one location in VitaLogics, we have programmed the software so it automatically defaults to that location.  This can be found in the following areas:
- When in the patient file..........see image 1
- When doing an OTC charge in the payment screen.....see image 2
- When Posting an EOB....see image 3
Interesting Image
Interesting Image
Does your patient want a list of all the
payments they have made? 
 These instructions are found in the Support Center Click Here
Is Your Server Computer Running XP or Windows Server 2003 Operating Systems?
Future VitaLogics Updates will not run on these Operating Systems.

Please click Here for detailed instructions.



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Did You Know?
VitaLogics Offers New Client Follow Up Training
Are you within your first 6 months of usingVitaLogics? Do you or your staff have questions or need clarification on a specific feature?  Don't forget, as a new VitaLogicsuser you may request one on one training.Don't wait until you are frustrated, contact the Director of Customer Support, Liz Mertz by sending an email to - Attention Liz Mertz and include the issue to be addressed, the best time and telephone number to contact you. Liz will work with you to come up with an action plan to address your concerns. 
Did You Know?
You can get answers to your VitaLogics questions 24 hours a day?
Visit the VitaLogics Support Center
VitaLogics Main Menu, Admin > Support Center > VitaLogics EMR and enter a topic in the search field

VitaLogics Support Hours 

ph 309-265-0888

Monday - Friday
8:00 am - 6:00 pm CST
For Emergency Support
M - F  6:00 pm - 7:00 pm CST

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