Infusionsoft - General Information about the email campaign

I am sending you some information and videos that will help to describe the different aspects of the Infusionsoft process, please see below.

Contact Record Walkthrough - this will show you the information that will be coming over from VitaLogics into Infusionsoft:


Existing Integration Walkthrough - this will show you how to integrate an existing campaign with a VitaLogics campaign:


For follow-up sequences:

Below are the dates that we would use. This allows you to run field specific timing events. You can also tag contacts that have been in only one sequence before, example new prospect. This would make sure that only a prospect email goes out one time. After that the active and inactive drips are based on field timers below. They are also specific to their status and class. 


Field Timer Dates:

  • New Prospect Date  - Doesn't Change
  • New Lead Date - Doesn't Change
  • New Patient Date - Doesn't Change
  • Last Completed Appointment - Variable 
  • Next Scheduled Appointment - Variable

Contact Status:

  • Active
  • Inactive
  • Terminated

Contact Class:

  • Prospect
  • Lead
  • Patient


Campaign Walkthroughs - will show you how each of the following campaigns will flow:

Here are some things to think about:

SO for example, you could run a active sequence that ensures that ALL new patients ACTIVE Patients get emails X days after their New Patient Date or X Days after their New Prospect Date. You can build out as much of this as wanted. The sequences will switch if the contact has a change of status, example -> Active to Inactive. This would remove them from the active sequence. This is triggered on them flipping the patient to inactive in VitaLogics.

From there you could think about the other campaigns that you could do. For example, since the contact's last completed appointment is a always changing field you could make the email to go out 30 DAYS AFTER the Last Completed Appointment. The contact will ONLY hit this point if their appointment goes this far in the past. If the contact's keep completing appointments he will NEVER get this email. The same thing can goes for the next scheduled appointment.


Visit Tracker Campaign Overview



What triggers prospect, lead and new patient?

 A prospect is triggered when anyone who is entered into VitaLogics.  Doesn't matter if they have an appointment scheduled or not but they were added into rolodex. 

A lead trigger is someone who has come into the office in theory... but as far as VitaLogics is concerned... it is someone who has had an Initial exam code charged to their ledger (99201, 99202, 99203, 99204, 99205).  A person has an option to change the code that triggers that as well.  So if they for some reason want to charge a different code on the first visit they just need to add it in the Admin section under Global Settings under Lead Code. 


A new patient is triggered when someone has been in the office and in theory has decided initiate chiropractic care and follow a doc's recommendation.  As far as VitaLogics is concerned... it is someone who has had 2 adjustment codes (98940, 98941, 98942)  charged to their ledger (this is because some people adjust patients on the very first visit prior to even presenting your recommendation).  This too can be changed by adding or deleting the code that triggers it in Admin under Global Settings. 

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