Google Calendar Sync Feature - for Amazon Cloud Customers

If you are ready to sync your VitaLogics Provider calendar to your Gmail Calendar please follow these steps as VitaLogics will take care of this for you.

When we receive this info support will schedule a time to complete this task with each provider. VitaLogics will need to be in contact with the provider just in case Google sends them a confirmation code during this set up (see below).

To do this we will need the following information:

Clinic Name: _______________________________

Main Doctor: ______________________________

Each Providers name: ________________________

Each Providers Gmail email: ________________________

Each Providers Gmail password (if you prefer to create & send us a Temp password that is fine): ______________________________________________

Between Mon - Fri 10am - 5:45pm CST (only need about 10 min) Enter best day/time to schedule set up : ________________________________

Provider phone# to coordinate set up: ____________________________

**Please Note: During this set up process each Provider may receive a confirmation code sent from Google to the Providers Cell Phone. It is important that this code is forwarded back to support asap as the code is only valid for a few minutes so a quick turnaround is necessary. To ensure we receive it in time, please contact Liz Mertz directly at 309-807-0005 and advise the code number. 

Once set up is complete, you will receive an email 

PLEASE NOTE: If you change your Gmail password at a future time, it will not affect Google Calendar Sync. No need to contact support.

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