Interested in Moving From Server to Cloud?

Here are some basic points.

  • Main difference for cloud vs on-site server is the actual cost and maintenance of your server.  If you go cloud with us, we will digitally move your server to an Azure cloud server where you pay the fraction of the cost and have Azure's IT professionals manage/maintain your server 24/7 with real time backup (in case cloud server crashes, we can restore to the latest file and move to another server quicker).
  • Main cost difference would be your standard monthly fee plus a cloud fee (speak to your sales rep for cost details) to move to cloud per month for up to 5 concurrent users. 
  • If you need more than the original 5 licenses, each additional user will cost $20 more per month.
  • If you have self check in stations, each will count as an individual user.
  • Cloud Pros:
*can access anywhere you have internet
*can run Mac, iPad, Android devices including most smart phones
*can take your mobile devices to screening/offsite activities
*highest peripheral interfaces via Citrix engine
*less firewall interruptions
*Integrated Credit Card Merchants will work on cloud
  • Cloud Cons:
*must have high speed internet including the upload speed (normally cost more): Min 2 Mbps Download and Min 2 Mbps Upload speed
*lag speed (approximately 0.5 seconds slower per transaction)
*extra steps to log on vs server (must authenticate the user to cloud prior to launching VitaLogics)
* Viewing patient files, creating documents and importing/exporting is different. You will have to download the file to your local C on your computer
Also the following are some additional details to be aware of when moving from Server to Cloud

1) Minimum Hardware/Internet requirements

2) How do licenses work: one license per user if accessing at same time

  • Each plan has different features that are available 

EMR - Basic = 2 licenses

EMR - Pro = 5 licenses

EMR - Platinum = 5 licenses

3) If you currently use FORTE Merchant for credit card swiper and/or signature pad? (This only applies to current FORTE clients)

 - current Forte swiper and signature pads used with the server do not work on cloud

  - For the Cloud signature pad for FORTE clients there are 2 options. Touch screen or Mouse (no device) or select a device below).

3a) You can use a touch screen or mouse and you do not need to order hardware. In VitaLogics, go to Administration - Payment Settings - select Touch Screen, Save and close Payment Settings.
  • Touch Screen (Do NOT select Test) > click on Save and close Payment Settings. 
           - Once hardware is installed and set up, close VitaLogics and reboot computer to ensure the computer acknowledges the install
3b) OR you have 2 choices for hardware:
  • Huion 4 x 2.23 Inches OSU Tablet Graphics Drawing Pen Tablet - 420 by Huion click here to review or order from Amazon
  • Wacom - Intuos Creative Pen and Small Touch Tablet - Silver/Black Model: CTH480   SKU: 1680794  click here to review or order from Best Buy
    • To set up the Huion or Wacom for FORTE merchant clients:
                 - Install according to the hardware instructions
                 - Then set up VitaLogics: In VitaLogics, go to Administration > Payment Settings > select

4) Current Heartland Server clients will need to schedule time with support to set up port forwarding to your router

5) You will need Google Chrome installed on the computers as this is the best way to access the cloud. Cloud will also work on Mac's Safari.

6) Customer will need to have Citrix receiver on each of the computers that they will access VitaLogics. Support will assist with this install. 

7) Self-Check In -

  • You will need a separate license for your Self Check in Kiosk
  • you cannot use a signature pad or card swiper when using cloud - your customer will manually type in their name to find their appointment

8) FYI - computers will no longer need server names changed in config

9) Viewing patient files, creating documents and importing/exporting is different. You will have to download the file to your local C on your computer see this article:      Support can also show you how this works once you are on the cloud. 

10) There is a new process to set up a billing folder and when Uploading a file or image to a patient on cloud is different. Contact support to review how to set up the billing folder and - refer to this article

11) If you are interested in a server to cloud transfer - please contact support to schedule the transfer (we will need 2.5 - 3hrs when no one is using the computer) and sales will assist in placing the order for the cloud subscription. 


 If you need further information or want to proceed, your sales rep will need to be contacted. If you do not remember who your sales rep was or you do not have their contact information, please contact support to get that information. 

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